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About Teach For All
As a global network of social enterprises working to expand educational opportunity in their nations, Teach For All aspires to the vision that one day, all children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education. Teach For All's network of organizations is united by a common philosophy of educational change. By recruiting and training their countries' most talented young leaders, these organizations offer students the life-changing experience of having a teacher who possesses the determination to go above and beyond expectations to ensure that students have the opportunity to achieve. Likewise, the experiences of successfully teaching in high-need areas shapes the direction and convictions of these educators, creating a powerful leadership force for addressing systematic educational disadvantages in their countries. Over time, alumni of the programs work as leaders in the classroom, in education more broadly, and across all sectors to bring about the fundamental changes necessary to ensure educational opportunity for all.

A Proven Model for Success
Wendy Kopp developed this model in 1989 when she proposed the creation of Teach For America in her undergraduate senior thesis. Twenty years later, more than 7,000 Teach For America corps members serve in 35 urban and rural communities in the United States. They join nearly 17,000 Teach For America alumni who—still in their 20s and 30s—are already assuming significant leadership roles in education and social reform.

In 2002, a Teach For America-inspired British program—Teach First—was launched. Today, Teach First fields approximately 650 teachers in five regions across the United Kingdom. More than 1,000 people have become Teach First alumni "ambassadors," dedicating themselves to addressing educational disadvantages in the U.K. over the long term, with over 40 percent already in school leadership roles.

Adapting the Model to New Countries
As entrepreneurs in other countries began to see that the Teach For America model could be adapted to address educational need in another context, both Teach For America and Teach First began to receive requests to help local leaders launch the model in other geographic regions. In response, Teach For America and Teach First co-founded a new and separate organization called Teach For All. Teach For All is a global network that dramatically accelerates the impact of these enterprises by sharing the knowledge base of Teach For America, Teach First, and other like-minded programs, enabling members of the entire network to climb learning curves more quickly together than they ever could on their own.

Two years after launching, Teach For All is now helping social entrepreneurs around the world launch adaptations of their model. These entrepreneurs build social enterprises that:

  • Recruit and select as many of the most outstanding young leaders as possible who demonstrate the ability to have a positive on impact student achievement and become long-term leaders for systemic change.
  • Train and develop participants so they build the skills, mindsets, and knowledge needed to maximize student achievement.
  • Place participants as teachers for two years in regular beginning teaching positions in areas of educational need, with clear accountability for their classrooms.
  • Accelerate the leadership of alumni by fostering the network between them and creating clear and compelling paths to leadership for eliminating educational inequity.
  • Drive measurable impact in the short run on student achievement and long-term on the development of leaders who will help ensure educational opportunity for all.
Expanding the Organization's Reach
In addition to the founding organizations—Teach For America in the U.S. and Teach First in the U.K.—Teach For All is now helping support educational change enterprises in nine countries including Argentina, Australia, Chile, Estonia, Germany, India, Latvia, Lebanon, and Peru. Meanwhile the network is fielding requests from entrepreneurs in approximately 40 countries worldwide, and anticipates growing its reach to more than 20 countries by 2011.
Headquarters: New York, NY
Year Founded: 2007
Year of Investment: 2008
Mission: To expand educational opportunity around the world.
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